Equipment List

Here we have put together a list of equipment that will give you our recommendations of the gear you should have to successfully fish the waters around the Blackfly Lodge.

"Bonefish Flies, Blackfly Lodge"

Watch the video and listen as Capt. Vaughn, Capt. Clint and the TV program "Guided" host Mark Melnyk discuss bonefish and permit flies that we use in fishing the flats around Blackfly Lodge.

Vaughn's Fly Box Picks:
Fly choices for just about anywhere in Abaco will include the normal Charlies and Gotchas, weighted and unweighted, along with a clouser or two for deeper water. We have discovered four new bonefish patterns that seem to be the ticket for fish around our lodge fishing area including Moore's Island. They are the King of Abaco, the Queen of Abaco, Clint's Magic Fly and Vaughn's Peel and Eat. There are lots of permit working the flats surrounding our lodge so any fly selection should have several crab patterns, some for tailing fish and others that you can strip pretty fast for schooling permit. We recommend the Keys Velcro crab in olive, the EP crabs in two-tone and the standard merkin style patterns. We are constantly finding new crab fly patterns so our recommended list is constantly changing. We have discovered a tarpon fishery and we're still working on the patterns that they are interested in, but my guess is a few toads in various colors, the Wiggle Minnow, some standard cockroach patterns and a few poppers or gurglers. This list will be refined as we go along but if you follow these guidelines you'll have success.
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Blackfly Store

8wt or 9wt for Bonefish, a 10wt for Permit, Sharks and Barracuda and a 10 or 12 wt. for Tarpon.
(Blackfly Outfitter Store sells Clutch, Sage, Scott, Redington, G-Loomis, Orvis, Thomas & Thomas, and Temple Fork)

Although some anglers still believe that catching a fish on the lightest possible equipment is "macho", it is very detrimental to the fish. We recommend 8 or 9wt. rods for the bonefish because our bonefish are large plus generally the wind will be a factor on most days. Using a 6 wt rod will not allow you to control the fish and get him to the boat quickly therefore tiring the fish to the point of exhaustion. These released fish usually do not escape the sharks and barracudas that patrol the flats. Additionally, lighter rods do not perform well on windy days. Using a 8 wt or 9 wt rod is handy for the permit that will appear in the middle of your school of bonefish.

A good saltwater direct drive reel with a cork or disc drag. Your reel should be capable of carrying 150 to 200 yards of 20lb backing.
(Blackfly Outfitter Store sells Hatch, Abel, Tibor, Lamson-Waterworks, Sage, Orvis, Redington and Nautilus)

If you want to spend your money on anything related to your trip to catch bonefish, a good reel is the place to start. On a good reel the drag is everything and the quality of the drag is what makes one reel better than another one. Silky smooth is what you're looking for with no jerky movements or eratic stops and starts. A fully adjustable, smooth drag is paramount to success in bonefishing!

Traditionally, floating lines are used in bonefishing and it's a good thing to clean it well before you come. If you line is old (your floating line doesn't float anymore) and has lost it's flexability or is cracked, buy a new one! It's a relatively cheap improvement that has a major impact on how well you will be able to cast and therefore how many fish you catch. At this time, we do not stock any fly lines at the lodge so we advise that you bring extra flylines as backup.
(Blackfly Outfitter Store sells Airflo, Rio, Cortland, Scientific Anglers and Royal Wulff.)

You may tie your own leaders according to specifications on other websites, but we prefer tapered fluorocarbon leaders from either Rio, Umpqua or Scientific Anglers. The secret is to bring several spools of tippet varying in size from 20lb to 10lb. When your fluorocarbon leader gets short from constantly retying on flies you simply add a piece of tippet to restore the leader to it's original length. If you have calm conditions and you need a longer leader you can purchase 10 or 12 foot leaders or simply add the desired length to you 9 foot leader. If you're changing you tippet from barracuda to bonefish, simply cut one off and re-tie on the other, still using the same base fluorocarbon leader.
For permit we suggest a 16lb or 20lb Flats leader in 9 or 10 foot lengths.
For tarpon we suggest the Umpqua standard tarpon leader with 60lb shock tippet or, for the smaller fish use the Umpqua Backcountry 9 foot Leader with a 40lb shock tippet.
For bonefish we suggest a fluorocarbon 9 to 12 foot, 10 and 12lb leader.
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Spin Fishing:
Blackfly Lodge is not a fly only bonefishing lodge. We recommend longer rather than shorter spinning rods in the 10 to 12lb class. The longer rods will throw the lighter bonefish jigs and pieces of conch much further than a shorter rod. You reel should have a line capacity of at least 150 yards or more.
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