Our Fleet

The Blackfly philosophy on boats is another area where we had to re-evaluate what the other lodges have done and how we were going to give our angler the safest and best possible angling experience. Skiff Running One of the biggest complaints that we hear is that "that ride to and from the fishing beat us to death" especially with the move to smaller technical poling skiffs in the Bahamas. Our thinking is that our fishing area is more like the Keys and Key West with some areas of open water that you occasionally need to cross to get to good fishing. Also, fishing for larger bonefish, permit and tarpon in deeper water, we found that a larger boat was the best choice for us. Simply, it needed to span the swell, pole easily and keep us dry.

After much research and testing we made the move to a rather new and innovative boat builder in the industry, East Cape Skiffs. Located in Orlando Florida, owners Kevin Finn and Marc Page have committed themselves to using the latest technology and innovative thinking to build a skiff for each customer the way they want it. We didn't start out to buy an East Cape Skiff when we visited their factory but it became evident rather quickly that these boats could do what we wanted them to do....run in rough water, get us out of our narrow channels at low tide with a full load and still pole around on the low incoming flats when we got there. Skiff Running We then added the new light weight Evinrude e-tech 90HP engine to help cut cost on expensive Bahamian fuel. For further comfort, the combination design team got together and came up with a new type of leaning post that includes a fold up seat for those times when you're on the bow and you need to rest your back or legs. We also have a the standard casting platform or just a clean deck if you want. At the end of the collaboration ………..The Blackfly Lodge Edition was born!

Purple Skiff Pink Skiff

Click on the video below to watch what we think ( Blackfly and East Cape) is the ultimate skiff for fishing in the Bahamas and we're pretty sure you will feel the same way when you come down and visit us in Abaco.

Purple Black Fly Edition Vantage powered by a 90 Etec from East Cape.

Our fleet is growing