Travel Protection

Vaughn Cochran

Blackfly Travel Protection is our "umbrella word" for the different types of travel insurance that we offer to our clients when traveling to foreign destinations to go fishing. We work with two different insurance companies, Travel Guard for sportsman travel insurance and the worldwide medical evacuation experts, Global Rescue. Our available protection services include insurance for airline cancellations, lost luggage, medical evacuations and rescue by a trained team of experts in getting you out of harms way if you're fishing in some exotic location you just couldn't resist. Like all insurance, the goal here is to never use any of these specialty services. In reality, sometimes things just don't go as planned.

Rescue Station Most of us in the fishing business who travel a lot are members of some sort of travel protection program and there's a reason. All of us know someone who had to be evacuated from a foreign country for medical reasons. We all know what the cost can be and we all know that we don't want to pay the thousands of dollars the price can be just to get you back to the hospital of your choice for a procedure. The best part about these companies, you don't have to be in Africa to receive must be more than 160 miles from home!

This is simple, make the emergency call and you're on your way by helicopter and or jet to the nearest hospital or the hospital of your choice, no matter where you are.

Please take a look at our partners who we consider to be the best in the business and get covered. It's so incredibly inexpensive when compared to what it could cost you....your life!

Policies can be purchased for individual trips with Travel Guard or you can get coverage with Global Rescue. Global Rescue offers both Short Term memberships for individual trips, as well as Annual Memberships if you travel more often. Memberships begin at $119.

Vaughn Cochran