Flyfishing Abaco at the Blackfly Lodge


Guided bonefishing charters in the Bahamas have long been a popular and legendary pursuit. Bonefishing, and in particular fly fishing in Southern Abaco has been one of those closely guarded secrets passed on quietly from one fly enthusiast to another, hoping they wouldn't tell too many of their friends. Each day, with each new group of anglers, we learn more about why no one wanted to talk about the huge bonefish, the incredible numbers of permit and the legitimate shots at tarpon that are possible in Abaco.

The fishing grounds that surround Blackfly Lodge and the new town of Schooner Bay form six distinct zones each rich in a variety of species and large enough to support the entire lodge fleet if weather were to force all boats to fish in one zone. Only the most severe weather would cause a cancellation. Permit Each zone supports similar species yet each has a unique offering in both species and habitat. Bonefish, Permit, Mutton Snappers, Sharks, Barracuda, and Tarpon are among the species found in these waters and given the number and the size of the fish we observed makes the fishing at Schooner Bay simply world class.

The Blackfly lodge boats are on trailers and can be launched at the Schooner Bay ramp or trailered to other locations within twenty minutes of Schooner Bay.


In the future we will be exploring the vast fishery of South Abaco and that will include days of exploratory fishing and mapping out the six zones that surround Schooner Bay. Also we will be fishing what we think are the best Permit grounds in the Bahamas, stalking silver tails on remote unfished flats and even breaking out the big sticks for our newly discovered fishery for silver kings. So come join us in flyfishing Abaco at the Blackfly Lodge!

Dinah Rudolph and Permit taken on fly!

Our fishing was best described by one of our recent guests when asked if he would help us spread the word about Blackfly Lodge, his one-word answer was "No". One of his buddies said that he would never travel half way around the world again when he could come here. The guy owns two jets! What we've found is basically a rarely fished area where there are only a few lodges at this time. The guides up north don't need to come this far south and the guys in the south don't need to come this far north, so that leaves us in the middle with Moore's island and Gorda Key as the prize fishing grounds of Abaco. We've found all sizes of bonefish which means the fishery is very healthy, mutton snappers, huge barracudas, more permit than anywhere I've ever been and just enough tarpon to think any day you can go for a Grand Slam. My last trip, I caught my personal "best" bonefish in my fishing career...I was stunned at the size of the fish in the school that I threw to. The key to our success will be the diversity of fishing opportunities that we have to offer. You can only catch so many 2 to 4 pound bonefish before you start to think "what's next"? Not only do we have some of the largest bonefish I've ever seen but the quality of the permit fishing is second to none. I guided in the keys for many years, I fished the Marquesas, I've lived in Belize and know that permit fishery well and I would put the permit fishing in Abaco up against any of those places. It's hard to believe it's been a secret this long. Additionally, when the harbor and marina are finished at Schooner Bay, we will have access to the offshore fishery just outside our harbor entrance. We will be the closest marina to the world famous "Hole in the Wall" where all of the prized game fish roam year round. Bonefish in the morning and sailfish in the afternoon!        
Vaughn Cochran

Fishing Policy

Big fish live here!

Fishing at Blackfly is extremely varied and fishing as many of our "zones" as possible is our goal on every trip. Most fishing trips are 3 to 4 days of fishing and we plan our fishing days according to the direction of the wind and general conditions at the time and what forecasters are calling for in the future. There is no set schedule other than to try to fish all sectors when possible in order to give each angler an opportunity to experience everything southern Abaco has to offer. Our overall trip pricing reflects our expense to fish all of these areas and therefore returning to some of our more distant fishing grounds would incur an additional cost for fuel and oil only.