Who We Are

Vaughn's painting of Charlie Smith

Blackfly Lodge started out appropriately enough as an art project. Clint Kemp, native Bahamian, accomplished fishing guide in Nassau and entrepreneur called me one day and asked me if I was interested in doing a series of paintings of the legendary Bahamian guides.

The conversation went forward and eventually Clint asked me if I would help him do a flyfishing assessment for a new project called Schooner Bay in Abaco. The company was interested in putting in a fly shop, lodge and outfitter in the project. Well, the fishing was incredible.... add in a couple of rums and some Cuban cigars and we were partners. Sometimes it just happens that way and I suspect that is probably the only way you should ever do something like this..... it's much too impractical of an adventure to think about if you should do it or not...... Vaughn

The Partners Blackfly Lodge is a brand partner of Blackfly Outfitter of Jacksonville, Blackfly The Restaurant in St Augustine Florida and Blackfly Lodge Limited in Abaco Bahamas.
Blackfly in Abaco is made up of a unique team of partners.

Capt. Clint Kemp Clint Kemp is the General Manager of Blackfly Lodge but he is much more than that. A native Bahamian, Clint could easily qualify for the title of "Renaissance Man". Not only is he a partner but he represents Blackfly in every way. Clint amazes our clients each and every day with his creative cooking, guiding skills and general philosophy. He grew up in Nassau and received his collage degree in the states. His business experience is extensive having run many companies and directed their success on many levels. Clint brings these skills to Blackfly to manage the overall operation and to oversee and direct the entire backcountry and offshore fishing operation. Clint is a great friend to anyone who has ever met him.

Vaughn Cochran Vaughn Cochran, artist and President of Blackfly Outfitter can be found at Blackfly Lodge as often as he can get there. Vaughn has been in the fishing business for many years, starting out in Mexico with his wholesale tour company servicing anglers in Isla Mujeres who made the annual pilgrimage to the island for the spring sailfish run just offshore. He and his wife Jean have managed some of the most famous fishing lodges in the tropics with stops in Belize, Costa Rica, Mexico and now the Bahamas. Moving to the Keys in 1972, Vaughn was a respected fly fishing guide for many years in Key West and early on was an original member of Jimmy Buffett's Coral Reefer Band. You will see Vaughn's artistic influence and artwork throughout the lodge.

Dave Byler Dave Byler is an accomplished angler and world traveler who brings strong financial expertise and business experience to Blackfly Lodge. Dave and his wife Carol are friends of Schooner Bay and own one of the first houses completed in the new development. Dave's support and his business skills gained from his role as Chief Financial Officer of Suncor Energy, Canada’s largest energy company, has enabled Blackfly Lodge to be propelled into the realm of elite lodges in the world. His experience traveling to the many fishing destinations throughout the world and his attention to detail have been invaluable to the development of Blackfly as the new lodge is being born from the beach sand of Southern Abaco.

Jean Cochran Jean Cochran is the Blackfly Lodge reservations office manager located in The Blackfly Outfitter store headquarters in Jacksonville Florida. Jean, an excellent fly caster, and is also the Vice President of the Blackfly Outfitter retail store and website. She has traveled the tropics as co-manager of the Parismina Tarpon Rancho in Costa Rica, Manager of Golfito Sailfish Rancho on Costa Rica's west coast, Club De Yates in Isla Mujeres Mexico, Turneffe Island Lodge in Belize and was the booking manager for the Saltwater Angler in Key West. Jean is a fluent in Spanish, understands first class customer service and is familiar with the ins and outs of running top tier fishing lodges.

June Russell June Russell is our newest member of the Blackfly team and she most likely is the person who will greet you when you arrive at Blackfly Lodge. June lives in Abaco and is our on site business manager, blue water fishing fanatic, licensed real estate broker, great Italian cook and leader of our "ladies excursions" away from the lodge. June manages the Blackfly store at the lodge and is responsible for settling up at the end of your trip for all your new Blackfly gear you've purchased during your stay. June's direct number in the Bahamas is 242.458.5577 or at the lodge Vonage number 904.638.8489.

We invite you and your group to sample the incredible fishing experience we have to offer and to be part of the beginning of a legend in Bahamian bonefishing.